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Soup of The Day  
Duck Foie Gras
« Bloc » of Foie Gras  
Butcher’s Plate  
Snails pie a Butter and Parsley sauce 
Smoked Trout
Seafood Chowder

Traditional Dishes

Bougnat’s Pie
(Potatoes, Bacon, Onion, Cheese, Fresh Cream)
Stuffed Chicken Breast with homemade chips
« Paysanne’s » Plate  
(Duck‘s Confit, Potatoes cooked in Duck fat and Garlic, Salad)
Duck  Plate
(Breast of Duck, Potatoes cooked in Duck fat and Garlic, Salad)
(Served with Chips & Salad)
300gr Entrecôte (Steak) 
(Served with Chips & Salad)
Home made Duck Burger with a cheeesy cream
The Omelettes are served with Salad
Fish & Chips with Salad and Homemade Sauce 


Homemade Walnuts Cake  
Homemade Guinness & Chocolate Mousse 
Homemade Apple Pie & a scoop of Icecream
Black Duck Special 5€
( Coffee Icecream & 2cl of Whiskey)  5€
Homemade Irish Coffee 7

Main Dish : 16€

Starter + Main : 25€*

Main + Dessert : 22€

Start + Main + Dessert 29€

*3€ extra for Foie Gras – Trout – Snails